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Magnetic Tele / Macro Lens

Out of stock - Product discontinued.

Product Type: Optical Solutions

Please note: wide-angle and fish-eye lenses have been discontinued.

The Raspberry Pi's camera offers great features out-of-the box, which can be enhanced by adding interchangeable lenses.

The fish-eye lens enables your Raspberry Pi camera to capture a 180 degree field of view, making it perfect for surveillance, security and general monitoring scenarios. The wide-angle lens will capture a wide, but less extreme perspective. The telephoto lens will let your camera module capture more details from further away. Finally, the macro lens will let you focus on extremely small things at very short distances.

Our Pi Camera Box is designed to receive a small metal ring needed for binding any of these magnetized lenses to the case.


  • Choice of magnetic fish-eye / wide-angle / telephoto / macro lens
  • Wide-angle lens only: 180 degree angle (see note below)
  • Self-adhesive metal ring mount
  • Plastic lens cap
  • Key-chain attachment

Note: the fish-eye and the wide-angle lenses provide extra-wide and wide viewing angles but slight variations are possible based on the relative position of the lens in relationship to the Pi Camera module.

  • RoHS Compliant
  • Raspberry Pi

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