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Nwazet Pi Head Case

Out of stock - Product discontinued.

Nwazet's 'Pi Head Cases' are designed to give your Raspberry Pi computer a unique look and personality. 'Pi Head Cases' are customizable with a choice of passive color filters which really come to life when illuminated by our LED backlight (included). The backlight itself features two big 10mm LEDs available in five different colors. That's dozens of unique combinations to choose from!

Every so often, we will create limited editions of a new design featuring rare colors and materials, special lighting features and a unique serial number.

Last but not least, you can design your own face plates using the blank SVG template that we provide and have them cut at a local shop or you can request a quote from us to have it cut.

Now, meet the characters of our 'Classic Black' series:


Tyler Head Case

Tyler is a colorful character who has a bit of a problem with authority and Scandinavian home furnishings. He's a resourceful maker, renowned for his high-quality soap and persuasive people skills. To relax, Tyler likes working out, boxing and fixing his home on Paper Street where he lives with a few room mates.



Cheshire is a philosopher, a scholar, an entertainer and a world traveler. His baffling intellect and witty conundrums have earned him access to the most regal courts and tea parties. He often makes appearances and disappearances at exclusive croquet events with Alice, his life-long friend.



Shaun had his hands full managing relationships between his girlfriend, his mother and his stepfather when a zombie apocalypse happened. Now, things are much simpler and Shaun only cares about raspberry pies and brains...

Design Gallery

If you like these kids, meet the parents and grand parents :)

Head Case Assembly Guide

Assembling a 'Pi Head Case' is easy and takes about ten minutes.

  • RoHS Compliant
  • Designed by Nwazet
  • Assembled In The USA
  • Raspberry Pi

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